• Low Energy Consumption

    Energy savings of 25% or more per year.

  • Unique Co-rotating Conical System

    Excellent at the homogenizing of processed materials.

  • Innovative Conical Design

    Ensures high quality, homogenous output.

  • MAS Extruder

    Recycling and compounding in OneStep.

OneStep is a complete recycling solution for many different applications – from post-industrial plastic scrap to used agricultural film.

By leveraging the latest technology which includes WEIMA shredders, MAS Dry Cleaning Technology, the MAS Co-Rotating Conical Extrusion and Continuous Melt Filtration, eFACTOR3 can offer a OneStep solution for the plastic, plastic recycling and compounding industry.

OneStep is the only system that combines two major processes – recycling and compounding – into OneStep. Simplicity at its best.

Applications for the OneStep System

  • Post-Industrial Film Recycling
  • Post-Consumer Film Recycling
  • Agricultural Film Recycling
  • Carpet Recycling
  • Fiber Recycling (Nylon, PET, PP, non-woven etc.)
  • PET Recycling

OneStep Advantages


Highest throughput + more uptime + lowest energy consumption = lowest overall cost of ownership!

oneStep Control Pane
  • Large Intake Section

    Easy feeding of low bulk density material like film flakes, fibers etc.
  • Innovative Co-rotating Conical Screw Design

    Ensures high quality homogenization with stable melt pressure.
  • High Output Per Screw Rotation

    More Polymer processed per rotation.
  • Large Screw Shaft Diameter Allows High Torque

    Allows you to process the toughest materials.
  • Stable Melt Pressure Behavior

    Reduces the need for a melt pump in many applications.
  • Compact Design

    Uses less floor space.
  • Swiveling Barrel For Easy Screw Removal
    Remove Screws within 30-45 Minutes.
  • Modular Screw Design
    Customize the extruder for the polymer you want to process.
  • Short Dwell Time
    Less heat degradation.
  • Self Cleaning Screw Design
    Simplify color and polymer changes.
  • Extremely Low Energy Consumption
    Save 25%–40% of energy compared to other extrusion methods.