Advantages of Co-Rotational Conical Twin Screws

A comparison with conventional single screw extruders customarily used in recycling systems reveals that the co-rotating dual-screw system used with OneStep offers superior homogenization. The impressive infeed performance and nondestructive material handling features are extraordinary.

Additionally, there is minimal breakdown of the polymer structure, and the physical characteristics of the starting materials (such as elongation at tear and tensile strength) remain largely unchanged. Lastly, the greater homogenization of the plastic melt enables highly efficient melt filtration and degassing, making it easy to process recycled material.

  • Large Intake Section

    Easy feeding of low bulk density material such as film flakes, fibers, etc.
  • Innovative Co-rotating Conical Screw Design

    Ensures high-quality homogenization with stable melt pressure.
  • High Output Per Screw Rotation

    For more polymer processed per rotation.
  • Large Screw Shaft Diameter Allows High Torque

    Allows for the processing of the toughest materials.
  • Very Stable Melt Pressure Behavior

    Reduces the need for a melt pump in many applications.
  • Compact Design

    Uses less floor space.
  • Swiveling Barrel For Easy Screw Removal

    Remove screws in 30-45 minutes.
  • Modular Screw Design

    Customize the extruder for the polymer you want to process.
  • Short Dwell Time

    Reduces heat degradation.
  • Self Cleaning Screw Design

    Simplify color and polymer changes.
  • Extremely Low Energy Consumption

    Save 25%-40% of electrical energy in comparison to other extrusion methods.