Low Energy Consumption From Start To Finish

All equipment offered in the OneStep recycling solution is designed with state-of-the-art technology to conserve energy. All Weima shredders are equipped with the latest cutting technology to use the lowest amount of energy possible in slow-speed, high-torque shredding equipment.

The MAS Dry Cleaning System is the only true dry cleaning system for plastic film and fibers. Thanks to the design, NO water is used in the washing process. This conserves one of the most important resources of our planet – water. By utilizing only heat and friction to clean the plastic material, this technology also reduces the use of electricity significantly, since all energy goes right to the cleaning process. With an integrated heat exchange system that recovers heat energy from the underwater pelletizing system, energy consumption is further reduced.


The MAS extruder is one of the key elements of the integrated OneStep recycling and compounding system. In the Cascade version, the unit can process even the toughest materials, including heavily printed film. In that scenario, the extrusion system is comprised of the MAS Extruder, CDF Melt Filtration, a MAS secondary degassing extruder and a pelletizing system.

Thanks to the small footprint and the unique co-rotating conical design, the MAS extruder has very low energy consumption in comparison to other technologies.

The overall efficiency of the system is exceptional. In compounding applications with 60% PP film flakes and 40% CaCo3, a specific energy consumption of 0.22 kWh/kg is achievable! Check your current equipment and see how much energy you could be saving.