The OneStep Edge: Recycle Films & Add Value By Compounding

The large infeed opening makes the MAS extruder a perfect recycling machine. Materials with a low bulk density (such as film flakes) can easily be fed in. They do not have to be compressed beforehand using special devices. Additives such as hydrated magnesium silicate (talc) or calcium carbonate, stabilizers, or dyes can be metered into the film flakes and fed into the system at the same time, so side feeders do not have to be used.

The comparatively large contact surface of the screws with the material allows a large amount of energy to be conveyed to the plastic. This enables the plastic to be melted quickly over a short path and also empowers a compact design, especially in comparison to single screw recycling systems. Kneading elements integrated into the screws support homogenization. The large overlap of the screw profiles increases the delivery rate and stabilizes the melt pressure. A melt pump for building up and stabilizing pressure is therefore no longer required. The conical screws of the modular system can be fitted for the specific task, which allows them to quickly and easily be adapted to various uses as needed.

Here is an example of a cascade extruder that can directly compound recycled materials. The conical, co-rotating extruder by MAS is combined, in this case, with the new MAS melt filter system and a single screw extruder with degassing.