The MAS Extruder

The MAS extruder is perfectly suited for any application when a variety of product requirements need an individual, high quality solution. Challenging areas where we excel include:

  • Recycling of polyolefins and technical plastics
  • Recycling of plastics that are sensitive to temperatures and shearing
  • Admixing of dies and additives such as CaCO3, talcum, etc.

The MAS Extruder is a co-rotating, conical, twin screw extruder that combines two major processes – recycling and compounding – into OneStep. Simplicity at its best. This new extrusion system brings together the familiar superior plastification and homogenization of a parallel twin screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical twin screw system.

Individually Configurable Screw Designs

The modular screw design allows a custom tailored configuration for the application. Depending on the polymer to be processed, mixing and shearing elements can be modified by simply disassembling the screw and exchanging modules. The modular barrel is equipped with heater bands and liquid cooling for precise melt temperature and can be supplied in various configurations (with or without vacuum port and different positions for venting ports).

Thanks to the conical design of the machine and a swiveling barrel, it is a matter of minutes to change the screw configuration. All downstream equipment remains in situ while the extruder barrel is swiveled out to the side. After the barrel is swiveled out to the side, the screws can be pulled out to the rear of the machine without any tools needed.

Compact, Robust, Durable

The tremendous shaft diameter in the feed section of the extruder has allowed the MAS engineers to use robust thrust bearings for the transmission of high torque in the area where it is needed most in the feed and melt section. This design guarantees a large intake volume, resulting in great feeding performance even with the lowest bulk density materials. There is never a need to agglomerate or densify the material before feeding it into the equipment.

Extruder Configurations

The MAS Extruder comes in many different sizes and configurations:

Type Material Output
MAS 24 (laboratory line) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 30 kg/h
MAS 45 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 300 kg/h
MAS 55 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 600 kg/h
MAS 55L e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 600 kg/h
MAS 75 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 1000 kg/h
MAS 90 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 1500 kg/h
MAS 93 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET up to 1800 kg/h