The Highest Quality PET Extrusion

The MAS extruder is perfect for processing any type of PET (including A PET, G PET, GAG PET, R-PET, etc.) whether it is for re-pelletizing or for direct extrusion.

Feeding flakes from granulation or pellets is simple for the MAS extruder due to the unique design of its feed opening. In combination with high performance vacuum, it may not be necessary to pre-crystallize or pre-dry the PET.

Thanks to the high screw filling level it is possible to achieve high-output values at slow screw speeds and at a correspondingly low melt temperature.

This results in excellent color values (no yellowing), reduced AA values and the lowest possible IV loss. Low thermal load, accompanied by very low specific energy consumption makes the MAS Extruder operation extremely economical and ensures top extrusion quality with minimal heat degradation.