The Weima Shredder

WEIMA machines are unique in design and performance, and far more advanced than conventional shredders available today. When you choose a WEIMA machine you are guaranteed a reliable, robust, efficient and high quality shredder that provides maximum shredding capacity at low cost per lb.

The WEIMA WLK, JUMBO AND SUPER JUMBO series are ideally suited for the shredding application in the plastic and recycling industry. Whether you want to shred plastic in form of purging, profiles, pipes, film, fibers carpet, etc., the WEIMA equipment can be tailored to suit your application.

WEIMA Jumbo and SUPER Jumbo Series

Brochure (PDF) :
WLK Jumbo/Super Jumbo

Videos (Open in a new window and might take a little while on slower connections) :
Plastic WLK18 J 2 stage, Plastic GM WLK 20 SJ, RDF Cubed WLK 30SJ