Direct Extrusion of WPC / PPC / NF

The WPC and PPC industry is still relatively new, but has developed a lot of its own equipment over the years. With the MAS Extruder line, we offer a co-rotating conical extruder that can combine the typical two steps of the blending of dried wood or paper fibers with plastic and the extrusion to profile in a single machine.

Due to the conical design and the resulting pressure stability of the extruder, process reliability in direct extrusion of WPC/PPC and NFC profiles is ensured. Extruded WPC/PPC/NFC profiles with a wood, paper or fiber content of up to 70% and excellent mechanical characteristics are unique selling points in this market sector for MAS extruders.

This integration results in a greater reduction in required floor space as well as in energy consumption. For the preparation of wood and paper fibers as well as recycled plastic film, we also offer shredding, cleaning and granulating equipment.